Beautiful in my Eyes

I don’t really have a plan of blogging tonight. But look, I’m punching keys again. I just want to release this from my fncking head – it occupies much of my brain to my dismay.

I will talk about my college crush(es). It took me a lot of courage (and energy drinks) to write about girls I had/have fancy with. You know, this is not easy for a “torpe guy” like me. Usually, when I want a girl(s), I stat them on FB but now I dedicated a whole post just for them. And this is really weird. Shikes!

JEANNIE. I can’t forget her. I had a crush on her in my freshman year earning her the throne of “JUBERT’S FIRST CRUSH IN COLLEGE”. I thought she was cute from the moment I saw her. I don’t know what the event at the school that time but I remember being seated in front of her and then used that as an excuse to ask some stuffs about her. Too bad, I never had the chance to talk to her again.

Now, she has a boyfriend and he’s a friend. And they’re such a cute couple.

IRIS. I don’t even know how this started but I remember crushing on her hard during my freshman year. We we’re classmates and she’s quite the brainiac. In fact, she topped the Midwifery Licensure Exam of April 2009.

We talked a handful of times but not too much. I don’t know how to approach her so I never really showed her I was interested. So things died down after that.

I’m not sure if she still remembers but I received an SMS from her one day saying that “she’s not yet ready to enter a relationship”. Well, that’s not really the words but what the heck! The thing is, it wasn’t intended for me. I think it was an awkward moment for her.

DOC. I had a crush on her in sophomore year. She and I were RLE mates. I found her interesting and goofy. So, I started to hang-out with her more. I’d always sit next to her, lean on her or do stuffs like walk her to class. But being the torpe that I am, I never tried with her that much. But she and I were always cool though. She acts all giddy whenever I see her in the campus and gives her a hug.

I remember blogging about her last February 2009. I don’t know if she was able to read that but I know that some of our friends did. I’m just so lucky that they didn’t use it to blackmail me.

RED. We are buddies since first year. She’s really cute and wacky and pasaway! I always laugh in whatever she does especially when she cracks corny jokes or sing songs even if she doesn’t know the lyrics. When other people don’t laugh at her, I involuntarily giggle.

Though I’m not fond of attaching string to my girl friends, I planned to make my move. But eventually, I didn’t. I realized that our relationship is never going to be anything more than platonic. And besides, I don’t want to jeopardize the friendship.

JANE. Something about her face I always liked. She’s one of the few people I know that can pull a funny face but still look gorgeous. Really. She’s two years younger than me. We represented the Nursing Department in a competition so I got her phone number and we exchanged SMS. Jane and I started talking more at that point. She’d always ask me some stuffs about boys like “why some boys are flirt” blah blah blah. I took that as a good sign because it seems that she’s very comfortable with me and she really consider me as a friend.

But after the competition, we didn’t chill that much more though I would speak to her whenever I see her. Her “Na-miss kita Marzan” along with her smile always make me kilig.

JESSA. I was very vocal about my admiration to this girl. In fact, I’ve blogged about her twice already. I crushed on her hard last year. I mean hard. She had been a mainstay in my dreams for quite sometime last year. And I find it funny.

Almost a year had passed but the crush is still here. But no pressure, it’s cool. No matter what happens, we’re still friends. We’re just Facebook stalking each other these days. Oh, c’mon, it’s not bad as it sounds.

Here you go. That’s a quick rehash of all the girls I’ve had/have strong crushes on. There’s been others, milder crush(es) but forget them.


poot said...

My Valentines 2011 was a blast. I had 2 group dates yesterday. And for the first time, someone gave me a chocolate lolly. Quite nice. Yan nga ang sinasabi ko, February 14 is not just for cheeeesy lovers. :)))

Anonymous said...

Punching the keys?

That is scary.


wow! thats a brave one! ;p
and heeey ang gaganda nila! :]]

Robbie said...

Ang tapang ng post na to ha. Hahaha. Ano kaya magiging reaction nila pag nakita nila pics nila dito? Wahahaha.

Reesie said...

Ah young love, so naive, so immature yet so charming! - sabi nila.

At nagpa-alam ka ba sa mga ineng na to na ipost yung mga pictures nila dito ha, Jubibo?

Feeling ko ang pinakagusto mo ngayon ay si Jessa. Tama ba si ate?

chyng said...

I agree, ang tapang ng post na to! I cant imagine myself posting the pictures of all the boys I had a big crush with! haha

Inferness, pinay na pinay mga type mo. ^_^

my-so-called-Quest said...

hi jane, i'm doc ced! heheheh

Richard said...

See how damsel could bring? Ha ha. I like Jane and Jessa. Can I have their numbers? Lol

poot said...

It's just a proof that I have a good taste when it comes to girls Ate Mak Sot Ka. Hahaha. I'm kidding.

Anyway, these girls are not just pretty but they are also very smart! Seriously. Iris was the April 2009 Midwifery Exam Top 1. Jeannie was Top 6. And I expect Jane and Jessa will do the same feat this year. Hahaha. Pressure much?

poot said...

Actually Kuya Robbie I don't know. Tho I asked permission naman from them, awkward na lahat after this. Except siguro kay Jessa and Jane. They know that they adore them to death... before. Hahaha!

poot said...

Among the 6 of them Ate Reesie, Jessa is the one that I had the biggest crush. Why not? She's so simple. And wacky. And smart. And outgoing. And she can make me laugh every 5 minutes and 17 seconds. That's why.

:))) Lalalove.

poot said...

Of course Ate Chyng, love your own.

poot said...

Shut up Doc Ced & Kuya Richard! They are mine, oooooonly mine. *evil laugh*


jessa said...

Steady sa picture ah. Haha, salamat Kuya Hooob.

Yan ang gusto ko sayo eh, napaka truthful mo. Hahaha. At ikaw na brave. Ikaw na.

poot said...

Kasi naman Jessa ang gwapo mo dito. Hahaha.

Pagka-truthful ko lang ba ang gusto mo?

Biro lang.

Chyng said...

hey! nice list of goal! go get them one after the other! ^_^

Richard said...

basta gusto ko ang girl, gagawin ko lahat makuha lang number nila. guess what, may number na ako ni jane and jessa. ba't pa kasi inadd mo ko sa FB. so yun, inadd ko rin sila. binigay nila number nila. wahhaha! *evil laugh

Raymond said...

Now this is a real gutsy move on your part! It would take lots of balls to write, let alone post photos of the girls that you've had crushes on. Haha!

But in case you will pursue any of them, my vote goes to #5 and #6, like my opinion would matter anyway. Haha!

O sya, tama na ang pagde-daydream! Mag-aral ka na! Hahaha.

Have a good one, Jubert. :)