Chillspot turns 2!


In the 8th of February 2009, with no clue of the wonderful things that lies ahead, I started blogging again. The primary reason is to share random thoughts culled from the deep recesses of my existence. HAHAHA, I’m just kidding. Actually, this blog was born out of frustration. So, I never really expected that it would last a year. I wasn’t new to blogging back then. I had one/two/three blogs prior to this one but all were epic fail. Swear! But c’mon we all know that most bloggers started just like that. We don’t need to argue on that, right?


80 blog entries written in two years. 16,174 hits. 1,192 comments. Not too many but at least, I know that some people take time to read and follow this blog. I’m very flattered. I’m also grateful for those who knew my blog through somebody else’s mouth. Sobrang sarap ng feeling! And it’s not ‘cos it gives a sort of celebrity status but ‘cos it shows that I’m doing something right. And that inspires me to continue what I have started.


Over the past two years, I blogged about everything from my dysfunctional lovelife… to Gibo Teodoro… to my dirty little secrets. I even went as far as confessing my admiration to two girls here. And I’m very glad that almost all you kept an open mind and commented positively on my articles. Anyway, want to know my personal faves? I want to keep you guessing but whatta heck, here it is:

PROUD PINOY? [June 12, 2010. Read the entire article here] I never consider myself particularly nationalistic but if there’s one article I’m so proud of, this would be the runaway winner. I’ve read this a hundred times already but some part still send me goosebumps until now.

And the post did sit well with the bloggers.

I appreciate nakagawa ka ng ganitong post. Sobrang pampagising, daig pa ang kape sa Starbucks.

That's what we lack--a single goal, a single direction. Kaya nga kung minsan maganda na may kaaway na bansa ‘cos we are united in difficult times but fragmented during peacetime.

Nahiya ako sa blog ko bigla, HAHAHA! Nice one kid! Mabuhay ang Pinas! Walang sinabi ang Sibika at Kultura sa post mo.

TRIVIA: I have a copy of this in my wallet (that’s the original draft actually) and I bring it wherever I go.

BREAKING THE ♥ OF A FRIEND. [November 8, 2009. Read the entire article here] This is one of the funniest, mushiest and most stupid articles I’ve made – EVER! So, I was really overwhelmed of the response that it got from my fellow bloggers. Some expressed their admiration (or is it?) for my being straightforward. Some made jokes out of it. And some gave upright advices.

TRIVIA: After almost 1 ½ years, this still remain the most commented article in the history of Chillspot.

CONFESSIONS OF A BLOGGER PART 1 & 2 [Part 1: October 11, 2010. Read the entire article here. Part 2: January 11, 2011. Read the entire article here.] There is no need for me to explain why I love these both. I enjoyed doing these and a sequel is already in the drawing board. EXCITED MUCH?


Through this personal blog, I met tons of (equally) awesome bloggers. I can't even count now how many are them. Really. But despite of that, this girl is and will always be my favorite - the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Ate Chyng (the explorer) of the award-winning and Google-recognized “No Spam, No Kiddin’, No Virus”. She’s my oldest and most-loved link. She was there to see my blog grow. And she will be there to see my blog die. Hahahaha. *knock on wood* I will always be her biggest fan. Please take note of that.

Not far behind her is Kuya Raymond of “That’s So Raymond!” – one of my newest links. I just found out his blog recently and I immediately fell in love with it (and the writer too! XD). He’s one hell of a writer-slash-poet. His writing style is engaging. I don’t know but there is something there that would make you keep reading. Seriously.

Initially, I wanted to put all the names of my blogger friends here but I’m thinking if I’ll do that then the list would be longer than the Great Wall of China. HAHAHA. I guess, you know who you are.

On my third year, nothing will change. I’ll still be the same Jubert/Hoobert/Jubibo that you knew. I’ll still publish great (and controversial) articles for everyone to enjoy. And I assure you all that you’ll still get the ULTIMATE CHILLSPOT EXPERIENCE.


I also would like to thank the rest of you who comes here every day but never leaves a comment. Daghang salamat!



kris‧tian said...

You're welcome! Wow! You're learning Bisaya! haha. Happy 2nd Anniversary to your blog! meh award ba an first? haha

Reesie said...

Welcome back, Jubibo! (I'm gonna start calling you this 'coz it's sounded soo cute)

Happy Blogversary! I know I commented somewhere in your blog about how I amazed I was to find out that you're only 19. You're 19 going on 30, I must say! Keep it up, kiddo! I wish all teenagers think like you do. ;-)

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

naka naman!! bongga ng comeback entry mo hihihi! happy blogsary sayo. (at pareho tayo ng template naloka ako) hahaha! now I know maganda ang taste. Again Congratulations. Claps to a job well done. More to come! God Bless!

rob said...

.. happy second anniversary to your blog, jubert! :)

poot said...

GOOD NEWS! Baseeeeee ka Kristian. Yahoo! Ang galeng galeng. Ambilis mag-comment. Hahahaha.

BAD NEWS! Walang prize. Sorry namen. I'm so poor nowadays. Sobrang daming bill sa school. Haha. Hayaan mo next year baka meron na. XD

Anyway, I really appreciate the effort. 8 minutes after 12. Nice. I'm all smiles. 'Wag mong sabihin na hinintay mo talagang mag-12. Hahaha.

You're one of my blog's newest links and one of my newest friends. I hope to know you more. & teach me Bisaya. Hahaha. Medyo natututo na din naman ako.

See you around!

Raymond said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Raymond said...

First of all, to be constantly reminded every time I have a new post that some people from this side of the planet actually reads them (my entries), one of which is YOU--for making your presence felt in my blog--that is more than enough for me.

But to be a freaking part of your anniversary post? And for my name to be peppered with a lot of nice words from the one and only you? It's an honor. I mean, really. :)

Words could not describe how much I appreciate that very kind gesture of yours. Na-touch ako. Hahaha!

But more than anything, thank you for the friendship too, Jubert, even if I'd only known you for what, like just a month or something, right?

Thanks for making me feel like we've known each other for way more than that short span of time. Haha!

Happy Second Blogniversary!

Good luck with your endeavors.

God bless you, and your blog too.

Long live Chillspot! :)

P.S. Sorry I had to make another comment. Haha! Please delete the previous one, and this P.S. too, if you may. Thank you!!! :)

poot said...

What can I say? Wow! You're such a charmer Ate Reesie. Really. My heart is all smiles now. Coming from you, it is something. :)))

I don't mind if you call me Jubibo Ate. I also find it cute. My mates started to call me with that name last summer 2010 lang. & since then, marami-rami na din tumatawag sakin niyan. & i labeeeet!

"I wish all teenagers think like you do." - This is one of the best comments I've got in my two years of existence in the blogosphere. Thank you Ate. You'll always be in my heart. And I'll always be your fan. :)

poot said...

Natawa naman ako sa word na "bongga" Ate Kura-ching. It's soooo gay pero coming from a lovely woman like you (naks!), I don't mind it. Hahaha.

Don't worry Ate, I'll try my best to always come up with the best articles that I can write. Pero bakit parang medyong na-pressure ako dun ha? Hahaha.

I love you Ate. Yikes. Incest. XD

poot said...

Thank you Kuya Rob. I hope to know you more.

jessa said...

Parang kailan lang Kuya Hooob. :D

Sa makalawa niyan, Chillspot turns 18 na. Aabangan ko ang debut celebration ng Chillspot! Haha. Good luck Kuya Hooob and continue blogging.

Happy Anniversary Poot! ♥

poot said...

Dear Kuya Raymond,

I am so happy right now Kuya. Not only because it's my blogversary. But primarily because my love ones and friends (including the great Raymond Carlos Abagat) remembered that this is a special day.

Re: my blogversary post. You deserves all the words there. Actually, it's kind of an understatement pa nga eh. Sobrang natutuwa talaga ako everytime you drop a comment in my blog. It doesn't fail to make me smile. Seriously.

Wala pa sigurong 1 month na magkakilala tayo pero I treasure you as one of my (coolest) buddies in the blogosphere. Kaya nga, I'm looking forward to meet you in person someday.

Thanks for the kind words, too.

Long live Chillspot & That's So Raymond!

Love, Jubert/Hoobert/Jubibo

poot said...

*kilig* Wow naman Jessa! You really logged in to your blogger account just to make a comment. Spell E-F-F-O-R-T. HAHAHA.

I thought saglit ka na lang. Mag-aral ka na. Konting sacrifice, diba?

TOINKS! Lalaki po ang blog ko. Kaya 21 pa siya magde-debut. HAHAHA.


jessa said...

Eh, baket? Ako ang nagsasabi, babae naman ako. So, 18 niyan magdedebut. :/

Hahaha. Oo naman, basta ikaw :D

Anonymous said...

(I hope this one will work) *keeping my fingers crossed*

Am gonna say it again,
Happy Anniversary! More years to come Jubibo batang bibo? (i find this cute:) Haha.

I can sense that you're a nursing student? Check or ex? Haha. Baka crim? Anyway..good luck sa duty :)

Keep on writing! You're so good at it :)

- Ate Maan (u can call me this)
God bless!

Chyng said...

how time flies no? its been 2 years na nga! i remember your 1st posts too. hehe

thans sa mention, and keep on blogging. yaan mo magkakasama din tayo sa travel! =)

Robbie said...

Woot! Poot!
Happy anniversary! :D

Wala bang pa-contest? Wahahaha.

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

hihihi! sooo gay ba? Nahahawa ako sa mga friends ko e. Wag ka ma pressure. I'm sure box-office ulit yan basta sayo. Fan ako ng mga controversial entries mo. Nakaka-elibs. Walang pakundangan. lol!

.. ikaw ang nagbigay sakin na cute na nickname diba? Thank you... sobrang natuwa ako. God Bless you Enchong! (I hope you don't mind) ^_^

richard said...

wow! happy 2nd brithday to your blog! first time here... :)

poot said...

That was soooo sweet of you Ate Maan. *blushes*

Yeah, you're right Ate. I'm a nursing student. & I'm on my senior year now. I'll be graduating this April. I'm excited!

poot said...

Ate Chyng, you know naman that you're one of the first few bloggers that dropped by my blog when it was still young. Tuwang-tuwa talaga ako 'pag ganun 'cos it means that some people are interested in me. That's why it inspired me to write more, more and MORE.

Now, two years na ang blog ko & two years na din ang friendship natin. :)))

PS. Travel tayo together huh, few years from now.

poot said...

Wala Kuya Robbie. I have no budget. HAHAHA. Budgeting this college freaks me out. Seriously.

So maybe next year. Who knows?

poot said...

Natawa ako dun sa "box-office ulit yan" part. It doesn't helped to ease the pressure. HAHAHA.

Kura-ching Kura-ching Kura-ching Kura-ching!

poot said...

Welcome Kuya Richard! I hope you had a good time. :)))


congrats sa imong blog! :] and yes ate chyng is my idol too. and excuse me im her number 1 fan! hahaahaha cge na mg agawan na nga tau! :P~ anyway, looking forward to your future posts <3 <3

ps: i can help you with your goal( learn how to speak bisaya)

poot said...

Ok fine, you're her number 1 fan. But I'm number 2. HAHAHA!

Anyway, I really appreciate your offer. Can I add you in Facebook?


ofcourse! :] beautifuldisaster236@yahoo.com add moko at ng maturoan kita ng bisaya ^_^

Raymond said...

Dear Jubert/Hoobert/Jubibo,

That is so sweet of you. Salamat, right back at you!

Nasabi mo na lahat, at nasabi ko na rin lahat, kaya eto na lang ang masasabi ko...YEHEY. Hahaha.

Good luck sa mga pinagkakaabalahan mo ulit!

God bless you, and Chillspot too.

Love Will Keep Us Alive (may masabi lang),
I'm So Raymond. :D

kris‧tian said...

Oi, anu yung "Baseeeeee ka Kristian" na sinasabi mo? Baka ibang bisaya yan.

Di ko na sasagutin kung hinintay ko talaga mag12. Na-comment ko na kasi sa fb. hehe

Naman. Hope to know you more din. Medyo di lang ako masyadong nakakapost ngayon. Good luck ulit sa pagtututong mag Bisaya. :)

Pinoy Adventurista said...

Happy Anniversary! =D