I think that it’s fun to share some of my dirty, little secrets. While I normally prefer not to write something that would put me on hall of shame – I have a reputation to protect, you know – I think this is kinda fun so I gave it a shot.

In writing this, it’s a challenge not to come across as either awkwardly tact or too discreet. My only goal is simply to share what is true to me. *part of this post has been crushed out for not being minor-friendly*

1. Some of you know that my first ever relationship lasted for 3 years. Ok fine, I lied. Actually, it only lasted for 11 days. I just thought that the duration of a guy’s romantic relationship reflects what kind of boyfriend he is. And 11 fncking days screams “I SUCK”.

PS. We never kiss. No hugs. No official dates. It’s boring you may think but I was in love all throughout.

2. I’m fantasizing of having a girlfriend who is older than me. No, I’m not thinking of a May-December love affair. That’s yuck! A gap of 4-5 years will be fine, very very fine. Being a yuppie is a dagdag point, too.

3. Everybody knows that I drink very very very rarely. The first time I became drunk was during my freshman. I got so drunk that I peed in my bed (gross!). And no one in my roommates knows about it until now.

4. I’m watching America’s Next Top Model. I really find it enjoyable even if it’s considerable to be shown strictly for girls. In fact, I actively participate in ANTM discussion of my girl group mates. And if you find it weird and so ghey, lemme tell you that some of my guy friends watch Gossip Girl on a regular passionate basis.

5. I had a crush on my best friend when we were in high school. Oh c’mon guys, it’s natural. My best friend is one of the most amazing perks in my life and it’s quite foreseeable that I will fall in love with her sooner or later.

I even made a corny agreement with her that if I-forgot-the-month 2006 comes and she’s still single, we will automatically become a couple. Too bad, she disagreed. Lol.

6. I don’t know how to cook. No big deal, yes, I mean for a lousy (but gwapo) teenager like me. I only cook for myself and the thing is I only cook anything that is with oil: egg, uhm lemme think and hotdogs. At least, that’s two. And I can boil water, too. And egg.

When I am home alone, I experiment with ready-to-cook groceries. There was one time when I cooked pancit canton with sabaw. And the taste? Nah, forget it. Don’t try this at home. NEVER.

7. I’m really, really torpe or so I thought. When I bump with someone I have feelings with, I kinda freak out and wish that I’ll vanish into thin air. The torpe-est thing I’ve done in my entire my life was when I bought a cheap rose to be a Valentine’s gift to my crush. And the thing is, I let mom give it to her with me watching not far behind. Yeah right – so torpe.

8. I have a crush on Jessababes Bornilla. Pero hanggang dun na lang yun. I just find her cute and very outgoing. :))) And oh yes, she’s funny.


.pOot! said...

Oh oh. I'm too shy for this. Hahaha.

Chyng said...

oh dear, you'res till young. your next relationship surely wont last for just 11 days.. hehe

fyi, my teammates and i download an episode of ANTM everyday! ;)

kg said...

i super had fun reading this post poOt!

i also had a crush on my best [guy] friend when i was in high school...but he doesn't know it. he he!

jayvie said...

11 days kayo magjowa, pero gaano katagal ang ligawan stage? hihi

Jag said...

PooT! I'm back here hehehe...panalo pa rin yung pagbibigay mo nng rosas sa nagustuhan mo hehehe...

jessa said...

FfffTW. :>
I so like this post. :))) Hahaha, except for the picture. :|

Thanks Kuya :D At dahil d`yan ililibre kita sa Mcdo... Sa panaginip mo. :p


.pOot! said...

hey ate chyng!

uhm, mag-dilang anghel ka sana, lol.

i'll stand by the statement that antm is one of the best reality shows ever.

.pOot! said...

it's good to hear ate grace na nagustuhan mo itong post. i just made this short and straight to the point. haha.

uhm, di naman talaga yun maiiwasan na mahulog ang loob mo sa bestfriend mo. & pero mahirap magtago ng feelings. sana man lang nasabi mo :)))

.pOot! said...

hi jayvie, welcome to chillspot dude!

uhm, ganun na nga. less than two weeks lang kami pero 8 months ko syang niligawan. haha.

.pOot! said...

oo nga kuya jag pero ang cheap talaga nun, i swear. & kasama ko pa si mama nung pagbili nun. yikes!

anyway, welcome back here!

.pOot! said...

hello jessa babes! uhm, nagulat ako dun. you made an account just to leave a comment. kinilig naman ako, haha.

romeo said...

i will share to you my secret, are you ready poot. wala lang kwentuhan lang.

.pOot! said...

yeah romeo you can.

dude, i remember you. thanks for dropping by.

jessa said...

NP/Welcome! :p Basta ikaw. Hahaha, ang pangit ng picture ko. Gusto kong magtago. :|

Mahahalata akong dayo. :|
Palitan ko ng may maayos na blog ko ang url.

.pOot! said...

Lol jessa, your pic is so cute nga. it reminded me of someone else, another crush. :I pero mas crush kita. ahem!

jessa said...

SINO NAMAN? ah? Eh dapat lang no. Hahaha. Nageenjoy ka pala sa mga picture na ganyan. :p

Nanliliit ako sa hiya. :| :))) Haha!

.pOot! said...

sekreto na lang yun jessa. haha. at saka second lang siya sa puso ko, ikaw ang una. yikes! kilig ako. haha. don't mind this :)))

Ax said...

I do watch ANTM though I do not have the luxury of time to follow the last couple of cycles. My favorites were the cycle of Kahlen and Naima and the cycle of Saleisha and Chantal. I remember Chantal saying to Saleisha that they should be friends because they are sure to be the last two running for ANTM's cycle 9. Well, true enough, they both made it in the finals.

Your torpeness, it's natural. You're not that good looking and you don't have confident, so yeah. Haha. Biro lang.

Older woman in relationship. I'm approved of that. Just make sure you don't call her sugarmom. ;] But as you said, not a May-December affair. Hohum, love does not pick the age. Okay, you may pee in your bed again.

.pOot! said...

Uhm, my fave cycle Kuya Ax is Cycle 7 'cos I love Caridee so much :))) I'm watching the latest cycle on YT. & my fave so far is Ann. She's such a sweetie.

Ikaw Ax, haha, I mean Kuya Ax lagi mo na lang akong inaaway. Porke ikaw ang most handsome Pinoy blogger & pang 5th lang ako. Hmp. Haha. JK!

my-so-called-Quest said...

hey poot, salamat sa pagdaan at pagcomment! :)

one ticket to impress the ladies, try to learn how to cook! haha. mas masarap magluto tayong mga guys sa kanila. ;) hehe

enjoy everything while you're young poot. collect and collect then select. just kidding! :P

Reesie said...

Pareho tayo sa no# 1 mo. Kaya lang sa akin, it lasted for almost 2 years. Ni holding-hands wala for years. Haha.

At sino tong nasa picture? Sya ba ang crush mong si Jessababes? Maganda sya ha.

Natawa ako don sa sinabi mong ang mama mo nagbigay ng rose sa crush mo on your behalf. Wahaha. Kung ako ang babae, basted ka talaga.

Regards Poot! Good luck! Enjoy being a teenager. ;-)

.pOot! said...

yeah my so called quest, no problemo mi amigo. anyway, what do you want me to call you? my so called quest is obviously loooong. lol.

that's what i'm thinking. but i'm not into cooking eh, i'm a bit tamad. haha. but i know how to cook eggs and boil water in a thousand ways. haha. JK!

.pOot! said...

hey ate reesie. really? wow, two years. ang conservative nyo naman lol.

pero di ko naman niligawan yung binigyan ni mama ng rose, hanggang MU lang. anyway, siya ang unang girl na iniyakan ko. haha.

ki-ris-ti-yan said...

I can so relate with nos. 5, 6 and 7..

youngtigress said...

Di ko alam kung 'yay!', 'yuck', o 'nakakahiya' ba yung icocomment ko about sa number7..as in...sana di mo na lang binigay..joke! just kidding..
I just find it so awkward: first, sa mama mo then sa girl.. wala lang..sana kinantahan mo na lang siya.. :) but good vibes pa rin naman.. :)