Proud to be GREEN

Folks, it’s been almost five months since the May Elections. Oh, I miss it. Not that it’s the only election I’ve been involved to but my president Gibo Teodoro stayed in my memory lane.

“I think it’s time that the Filipinos will be able to judge a person more objectively than mere association. After all, life is not a basketball team all the time.”

When I first learned through the news about Gibo’s candidacy many many months back, I asked myself: Who the hell is Gilberto Teodoro Jr? I haven’t heard of him. And how he suddenly joins the wagon? Because Gibo was a little known name to me at first so I did some research. I found out that he has a quite pretty resume, wow! If my memory serves me right, the first time I heard him speak was during an ANC Forum. His answers were impressive; it was delivered with so much eloquence, sincerity and honesty. Right there and then, I became a supporter, no, a fan. Yeah, he’s worthy of being idolized. That’s when I started to follow him, read articles about him, liked his page on Facebook, splattered his face in my blog, wore a green baller band and anything and everything a fan would do. I would oftentimes engage some of my friends to a debate on why Gibo would make a good president. And most of the time, I win.

During Typhoon Ondoy, the Defense Secretary Gibo Teodoro was asked by people around him to ride a rubberboat to be visibly seen for media mileage. He politely declined and said: “If I will ride a rubberboat followed by many, it will defeat the purpose of saving lives… How can we save lives when there is no more room on the rubber boats?”

I’ve also been a supporter of Green Team 2010. I’ve been wanting to actively volunteer in the campaign but honestly between acads work and summer affiliation, there was just no time. But I was really proud to be part of that. I’ve never seen a volunteer group as passionate, well informed and dedicated as Green Team. Such enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious. What’s astonishing is this – volunteers pooled their own monies just to go on with the campaign. Green Team volunteers exhibited volunteerism in its truest sense. And yeah, we were never paid.

“Every Filipino given the chance, given the right environment will outperform everybody else.”

During his campaign tour in Tabaco City (04.05.10), I found myself in the center of a sea of supporters shouting his name and flashing upon him a don’t-worry-i’ll-vote-for-you-‘cos-you-rock smile. I was so close to him- an arm’s reach. And to tell you, his mere presence commands attention. This is something I haven’t seen in a long time.

“I don’t want to run a campaign based on negativity. What sets me apart from the rest is that I run on a platform aimed towards healing past wounds.”

I also attended Gibo Rocks 2010 (05.01.10) even if it means being grounded for two weeks in the hotel for not informing my matron of my whereabouts and for going home late. But still, I am proud to say that “the juice is worth the squeeze”. There, I volunteered myself to give away flyers to folks in Baywalk. It was fun!

Mike Enriquez: Ikaw ba ang mananalo kahit mababa ang rating mo sa survey? GIBO: Ako naman ang number one sa puso ng tao. Mike Enriquez: Hindi naman puso ang bibilangin ngayong election. GIBO: AT HINDI RIN SURVEY.

But few days before Election, I was becoming more hopeless that I can be able to vote. My schedule was full except on May 10 and I was so filthy poor that time. Besides I’m still grounded on the first place. So, my chance of practicing my right to suffrage is next to nil. But in an unexpected turn of events – struck of good fortune! Our matron allowed me to go home and my Tita provided me with a roundtrip bus ticket. Yahoo!

Gibo in Dumaguete: A man who introduced himself as a pastor asked: “How will you eliminate corruption?” Gibo answered: “…It’s just like asking how you can assure us that there will be no sinners in this world.”

I recall waking up very early on the morning of May 10 feeling very positive. I went to the voting precint ahead of my family, excited to vote. The moment I stepped out of the voting precint, feeling of hope and pride that I never thought I had swelled inside me. Maybe ‘cos deep inside, I know I have done the right thing. I stood for what I think is right.

“I am not the President. I am not Senator X. I am not Senator Y. I am not defense secretary this. I am Gilbert Teodoro. I am myself.”

For the next days, I am glued in front of the television impatiently waiting for the result. Days passed and it became clearer to me that I and my candidate had lost the battle. To add insult to the injury, Mr. Mediocrity Noynoy won and surprisingly, an indicted ex-president comes second. What’s wrong with you people? Here’s a candidate offering platforms instead of black propaganda, peace instead of mudslinging, intelligence and competency instead of just plain sympathy and still, you turned him down. You allowed a good thing slip through your fingers again and by doing so you damned us to another six years of shame, blame and dirty politics.

“My campaign will remain to be positive because we need to inspire people, we need to encourage people. We need to help each other and lend a helping hand. It has to be positive because our battle cry is ‘Forward Philippines.”

While hearing him concede, I got teary eyed. It is very rare to see a defeated presidentiable with utmost sincerity and openness while conceding, no traces of hate nor anger. Instead of sourgraping, he accepted his defeat and conceded. He is such a gentleman. It was due to this that he received support and love from me and over 3.5 million Filipinos across the world. And with the way I felt right then, it’s time to concede and move on.

“Corruption is merely A function of what you have to do, and not THE function. If you focus your campaign solely on corruption, then you will just be a crime fighter or graft buster, and that is not what a president is. There was minimal corruption in my department during my time…You’ve done it in your own home and you can export it. Hopefully.”

It was simply astonishing to see and hear fellow Greenies stand up for Gibo and said that they are proud that they have voted for him. I, too, share the same sentiment. Gibo’s fan base increased after his defeat. His most active fan page just reached 515, 843 likes. And then, there were sites that have sprouted for him – two of which are Gibo for Senator 2013 and Gibo 2016 Movement. If I were Gibo, I would feel so much love.

“If I were to be running just to be a lapdog or a paid hack, I can very well be that with less risk. I will not risk a carefully guarded reputation and a legacy that I want our son to be proud of.”

Gilberto Teodoro was, without the doubt, the most competent, most intelligent and best suited presidential candidate to come out of the Philippines in memory. He was in our eyes, a president we could be proud of. Gibo, the man who introduced a new breed of politics in the political arena tarnished by traditional politicians. Gibo, the man who diverged from the commonly used campaign strategy that capitalizes on entertainment, black propagandas and personal human tragedy to gain sympathy from the public. Gibo, the man who gave the highest regard to the Filipino people. Gibo, the man who recognized our potential to make the best decisions for ourselves and for the country. Gibo, the man who treated us with respect. Gibo, the man who gave us hope. Despite of his defeat, this man had changed the political landscape. And this is his legacy to leave – FOREVER.

“A hero takes extraordinary steps, with total disregard for personal safety and security, for the benefit of others.”

As for me, I will always be proud of what I did on the morning of May 10. Now and forever I can say with a lot of conviction, “I think therefore I chose, supported and voted Gibo”.

“Whatever decision you make, I know it will be for the better because you’re voting for your future, much more than ours. And so I leave our fate, our future in your hands. We believe, we trust in your capacity to bring our country to a better state.”

Jubert John Requillas Marzan
19 years old, Proud Gibo supporter

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.pOot! said...

As for me, I will always be proud of what I did on the morning of May 10. Now and forever, I can say with a lot of conviction "I think therefore, I chose, supported and voted Gibo"

Have a nice day bloggers. Blog on!

kg said...

i voted for gibo too.

chyng said...

naks, the support never ends ;)

.pOot! said...

hi ate grace, good to hear that. wooh, anyway, it's time to move on. :)))

my-so-called-Quest said...

Green Team here too! apir!
win or lose, i'm proud i made the right decision that day as well. :)

been admiring the perseverance of this man! and if he decided to run again, i'll never think twice voting this visionary. :)

.pOot! said...

yeah ate chyng, haha. if you know that you've done the right thing then you can brag about it. lol. i know you voted for gordon & that's good. he's second in my list. :)))

.pOot! said...

hey my so called quest, you're back! lol.

anyway, i'll vote for him over & over again srsly.

Reesie said...

Wow. Love this article of yours, poot. Like yourself, I'm pro-Gibo. ;-) Love the man. I really am embarrassed having PnOy as the President. GEEEZZZZZ

.pOot! said...

Pinoys are anti-intellectual kasi eh Ate Reesie. Lol. JK. Pero honestly, I'll be more proud if Gibo is our president.

Jayvie said...

"common sense isn't common anymore"

haha. true.

di ka naman masyadong fan. di naman halata. :)

pero i admire your advocacy, at your young age :)

.pOot! said...

Thanks Kuya Jayvie. Hmmm, di naman masyado. Lol. Kidding aside, I am really a fan. Hindi ko alam pero malakas ang hatak sakin ni Gibo. Siguro dahil sawang-sawa na ako sa pulitika sa 'Pinas. Ewan. Basta I know, I did the right thing. & that's for sure. :)))

Will said...

Just dropping by! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)