Beauties and the Best

This is certainly one of the best batch of Binibinis in years. I have a great feeling that the Philippines will emerge once more in the international battle of beauties and brains.


Czarina Gatbonton. Honestly, I was pissed when this unknown girl was crowned. No, I don't dislike her. It's just that I want another girl for the title. But the Czarina that arrived in China was a different woman altogether. Based on the pictures alone, she is a class above the rest. The other girls look so ordinary when she's a around. She will not be denied of a semifinal spot but she will certainly struggle to win the crown. [follow Czarina's MW journey here]

Anyone calling Czarina "plain jane" can eat my shorts.

Krista Kleiner. A beauty what every Filipino will call beautiful. She's a diva, a scene stealer. She knows how to sell herself onstage. Her obvious waterloo is her body - she needs to tone it down a bit. For now, she has established herself as a front-runner. She might eventually win the crown for the Philippines. [follow Krista's MI journey here]

Psyche Resus. I have a mixed feelings about this girl. She looks so likable and she outshines everyone in the Q&A. But Miss Earth 2010 is full of stunners and she will certainly struggle to be on the semifinals - I have already reserved the crown for Italy. But still, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Who will give us our 8th international crown?

You want a fearless prediction?

None of them. Two of them would place as semifinalists but only one will be a finalist. That's it.

No crown for us this year!


VENUS RAJ. I have no doubt in my mind that Venus will end our 10 year drought in MU. It was very obvious that the organizers wanted her to win. So, the easiest personal question was asked. I was disappointed with her answer, too. But grabbing the 4th RU after ten years of nothingness is a brave feat. Whatta come back for the Philippines! I'm already done with the should-haves and could-haves and just salute her.


.pOot! said...

Oh gawd! Filipinas are beautiful, hands down!

kg said...

"Oh gawd! Filipinas are beautiful, hands down!" thanks pOot! he he!

i like the fact that most of the representatives this year are much more filipina looking than those in years past. :)

fufu said...

wow beautiful :)

Jayvie said...

i don't like krista kleiner. sorry Jay-R hihi. over the top masyado hehe.

venus raj is a goddess! yun lang masasabi ko :)

pusang kalye said...

me naisip ako bigla. since you love posting pics like these I think you should be a photgrapher---then fashion photography na. nice idea ayt?

iamronel said...

ang hot nman nito..LOl

ronelmarin.net said...

ang gaganda nman ng mga taong ito..^_^

len said...

wow, so sexy din! :-)

my-so-called-Quest said...

venus raj is hot like mexico. hehehe :)