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For weeks (or was it months, I can’t tell), I was thinking of nothing but her. It was really kinda odd to me that a girl like her, who I wasn’t very close with, is starting to be a mainstay in my dreams.

Meet Jessa, my ultimate crush. She describes herself as “an average teenage girl but with enormous dreams”. Now, she’s in Bicol University – we’re schoolmates – and presumptuously, a smart ass. She calls me Kuya Hoobert. (She’s the only one to called me as such) Eww diba? But that name is starting to grow on me.

I met her last year through a common friend. It was your typical boy-meets-girl-girl-meets-boy scenario. It was really nothing special. I find her cute and her personality is, well, a towering fortress. She became kinda my crush that’s why I instantly added her as a Facebook contact. And that is how it all started. We slooowly became friends. Almost every night, we’re talking on Facebook. I love talking to her ‘cos she always makes me giggle. She must be the “Sixth Joyful Mystery” of the rosary.

While having our talk during one of those random Facebook nights, I learned that she’s also a blogger. Wow naman! Is this just mere coincidence or what? :)))

To be quite honest, I really don’t know why I’m writing this. And why I’m beginning to be more thoughtful to a girl I only have a crush with. I wasn’t like this before. I think I’m evolving. Sheeze!

But lemme clear things out. No, I’m not doing this ‘cos I’m hoping that my revelation will lead to something deeper, like love, maybe. I just need to get the feeling out of my chest. And yes, we’re friends and we’ll always be FRIENDS.

Oh gawd, this blog post is totally crap. It’s pulsing with cheese and corn. I must stop!

To find out about the girl that calls me Kuya Hoobert, check out Jessa’s personal blog - http://jettmbb18.tumblr.com/.

Jubert has spoken. Take that!


.pOot! said...

Kilig ako! :))) Don't mind me guys.

kg said...

i miss having a crush...

Reesie said...

uyyyy, inlababo si jubert! ;-)

this such a cute post. ;-) I'm sure na inlove na rin sayo si jessa. ;-)

my-so-called-Quest said...

ayiiii! heheheh. musta na poot?

.pOot! said...

Hi Ate Grace!

At least, may hubby ka na. :))) Naman.