The much-awaited pageant in Bicol University has recently concluded. It’s been a week and now that everyone gotten their say in, let me say mine. Some of my comments may hurt other’s feelings but my apology in advance. I was glad that my Iana babes and that College of Arts and Letters (CAL) guy won, they are so much deserving. My salutation, folks!

The opening number was (urgh) flat, long and boring. The candidates are wearing alien-like costumes, the choreography is so-so and the music is WTF! Sorry, if I’m a bit not nice in my choice of words, but hey, you can’t blame me if I wanted the pageant to be presentable and decent. Not because the Lady President was there but because there was Misturr, a national director of fncking 27 international pageants – according to him. But oh wells, moving on. It’s the candidate’s turn to introduce themselves.

Mr. College of Engineering (CENG) was clearly the crowd’s favorite. I predicted that he’ll be the 1st RU. But the moment he speak, I changed my mind. I think he only got the looks and hype and nothing else. Blah! Miss College of Business, Economics and Management (CBEM). What can I say? She’s stunning, another great contender. She reminded me of Charice – in a good way, mind you. Ms. College of Nursing (CN) has a beautiful face and body! She seems to be nice with that sweet smile. Ms. Tabaco Campus (TC) is a front runner, no doubt and has a solid fan base. I’m not really sure with Ms. CENG. I know a lot of girls from CENG that are miles prettier than her. Ms. College of Agriculture and Forestry (CAF) is not really that bad (not at all). I find her cute, but other thinks otherwise. Her partner, NEXT! Mr. Polangui Campus (PC) is handsome in person, I was told by my sister; Ms. PC on the other hand, was a bit masculine. Ms. Gubat Campus (GC) is gorgeous and talented, one of my faves. Mr. CBEM may also give others a run for their money. Mr. TC may not be the best looking male candidate but he has what Mr. Bicol University is looking for.

The swimwear competition came next, oh la la. Ms. CN is a sight to behold, wow! Ms. CAF was way, way over the top, the “Catwalk Diva” of the pageant but facially and body wise, uhm, I’ll just zip it. Iana as usual, came out young, fresh and not to mention that gorgeous face. But her performance was a bit weak for me, maybe because she was shy but she was good nonetheless. Others were fine and oh, Ms. CBEM was stunning, sin duda.

Not been vey observant with the boys. Mr. CENG looks good and as usual, he got the loudest cheer. And what with Mr. TC’s pose? One second I thought that it was Mr. Body Builder that I am watching. LOL! Others were okay-ish, not worth mentioning.

I wasn’t surprised with Mr. CENG and Ms. TC bagging most of the minor and special awards. I just knew they would be the one. They make such a perfect couple.

Although, some jealous online people encouraged others not to vote for Ms. TC… sorry, she still won the “Most Liked in Facebook” award with a whooping 1, 383 votes.

Then, the candidates changed from their skimpy swimwear to their evening gowns and casual attires. And I should say, on both portions, when the Bicol University Dance Troupe was dancing, it was redundant. Oh gawd, it takes forever to see the candidates do their stuffs.

But the moment the girls walked in, I was like WTF! What in the world are they wearing for Pete’s sake? The gowns are mediocre. In fact, the gowns used in Mr. and Ms. Bicol University Tabaco Campus, or even at Mr. and Ms. Nightingale was much, much better.

Anyway, Ms. CN was blessed with a better gown and she looked good, of course. Ms. TC, on the other hand, was PERFECTION. She came glowing. The moment she walked in and paraded, OMG. Another girl that put me in such delight was Ms. CBEM. The boys were wearing tuxedos. The stand-outs were Mr. TC, Mr. CENG and Mr. CBEM.

From then, I am happy knowing that Ms. CN and Ms. TC will be the last two girls standing.

Casual interview came next. The candidates were given different questions. Mr. CENG choked in delivering his answer. Ms. CN and Mr. TC gave good answers. Ms. TC was asked the same question asked by W. Baldwin to Venus Raj: What is one biggest mistake you’ve made and what you did to make it right? These kind of easy questions actually mean to catch you off guard. Anyway, I fell in love with Iana babes’ answer. She said that not speaking to her dad for almost six years now is the biggest mistake she ever made. And she added "I missed six years of love and care of a father". It was delivered with so much eloquence and spontaneity. She spoke from the heart. When she was about to cry, I want to run to the stage and hug her. Oh my Iana babes! The crown should be hers.

From that moment I knew, Ms. CN, Ms. CBEM, Mr. and Ms. TC and Mr. CENG will make the next cut. And I was right.

The announcement of the finalists on both categories came next, of course. Mr. CENG’s inclusion in the Final 5 was greeted with loud applause, as well as Ms. TC. Ms. CN was in. And like what I expected, Mr. TC was also called in. A double celebration for us, indeed! Mr. and Ms. CAL also made it. Others include, Ms. CENG (whaaaat?), Mr. CSSP *geesh, wtf*, Mr. and Ms. CBEM.

The candidates were only given few seconds to breath because here comes the dreaded final question. A single question was asked to the female candidates and another to the male candidates. Here was the question for the female candidates: When does a lie become justifiable? Ms. TC said something like, a lie becomes justifiable when the outcome is good. We lie not to hurt the feeling of others but to protect our love ones blah blah. She nailed it! It was not the best answer (for me, Ms. CN had a slightly better answer) but she delivered it much better than the others. Others also did great job.

The question for the male candidates was: What is one thing you want people to know about you? Mr. CENG said something about his faith in God blah blah. But sadly, he didn’t put conviction and emotions into it. Mr. CBEM and Mr. TC gave almost the same answer, about having low self-esteem and blah blah. But the best answer came from Mr. CAL: “Nothing. My life has been an open book to my friends and family… I am who I am”. That was the best out of the bunch. Applause applause! I gave him a standing ovation. That was brief but very well-meant.

And so, judgment time has arrived. I will be at rage if Mr. CENG wins as Mr. Bicol University.

4th RU- Ms. College of Business, Economics and Management – Oh gawd, I didn’t saw this coming. I expected her to be at least in the Final 3 with Ms. CN and Ms. TC. She was underscored, urgh.

Mr. College of Social Sciences and Philosophy – As expected.

3rd RU- Ms. College of Engineering – She made it higher than Ms. CBEM. Oh cmon!

Mr. College of Engineering! Nooooo! Mr. Tabaco Campus. HEEEY. I never saw this coming. Although, he gave an okay-ish answer, he deserved to be the 2nd RU.

2nd RU- Ms. College of Nursing. Whaaaaat? Clearly, she was the second best that night. Oh gawd!

MR. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING!!! Not again?! Mr. College of Business, Economics and Management. Dammit! What’s wrong with the judges? They’re making a big mistake.

1st RU – Ms. College of Arts and Letters. What? I don’t think she deserves to be ranked higher than Ms. CN but what the eff… IANA WON!

Mr. College of Engineering. Sigh. At least, he didn’t won. But the thing is, he made it higher than Mr. TC and Mr. CBEM? Whateves. He should be thankful, he was still lucky to be in that place because I am thinking a 3rd RU finish for him based on his answer.

Ms. Bicol University is… MS. TABACO CAMPUS!

WOOOOH! After years of nothingness, we made it to the top. Clearly, she was the most refreshing girl that night. It was a well-deserved win. Bravo my Iana babes, bravo. We’re so proud of you!

And Mr. Bicol University is… MR. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND LETTERS.

What can I say? He’s very much deserving though I overlooked him before the pageant night. Congratulations!

Again, congratulations Iana and Cassi (who is now a FB friend, lol) for your sweet victory. Good luck to all your future endeavors and may you have a wonderful and meaningful reign.

And also, congratulations to Bicol University USC for staging a fabulous pageant. It actually exceeded my expectations. Good job! And thank you to the very pretty Ms. Alexis Joyce Baldon for some of the photos. You're very beautiful, inside and out. I hope to meet you in person.


.pOot! said...

I told you so guys.

BUTC shoots it in the bag this year. My Iana babes got the crown & Tope was 3rd RU. What's still can we ask for?

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

this is one of the things I miss about Bicol, the pageants. It's a shame that I'm not familiar w/ Legazpi. I did drop by in this beautiful city a few days ago and passed by BU, I hope to explore more of Legazpi and get inside BU in the near future. :)

.pOot! said...

Hey! Thanks for dropping by Ate Pinay. :)))

Yeah, Bicol love pageants. There are some people even saying that Bicol is the new beauty power house in the country. And that's so nice to hear. Our girls can compete head-to-head with the girls from the metro.

If you have time, visit BU. Cheers!

Gervie M. said...

hey poot wazzup tanda mo pa ko. Musta na ba? Ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw eh.

.pOot! said...

Haha, oo naman Pareng Gervs. Ikaw pa makalimutan ko, :)

pusang kalye said...

looking at the photos and through your narration...mukhang enggrande ang contest na ito. effort talaga. hehehe

hope to see bigger--high res pics. pinapanakam mo ang mga mata namin masyado Poot.lol

Ax said...

Poot, okay lang yan kahit hindi ikaw ang representative. Pabayaan mo na, ganun talaga.

Siguro sa quiz bee ka na lang. Sa mga gwapo/maganda na lang yung mga beauty pageant.

Okay ba yun?

.pOot! said...

Hey Kuya Anton! Yeah, it was fabulous. Actually, it exceeded my expectations. Sobrang dami din ng tao. Haha.

Chori, I didn't brought my camera with me so I don't have pics. :)))

.pOot! said...

Hey Kuya Ax. Haha, nice one.

Anonymous said...

but I thinks he looks GAY. the 3 RU.oozin with gayness