KIMPOY, ANG HARI NG TWITTER: Why Paolo Feliciano Is So Friggin’ Popular?

Kimpoy Feliciano.

Does the name ring a bell, anyone?

For people who have been to Mars for the past year, Kimpoy is the guy who threatens to out-awesome me an internet sensation and could very well be the new poster boy for Twitter (oh forget Rustin Heiber and his/her pre-pubescent voice). Google Kimpoy Feliciano and you’ll get around 195,000 results, most of which are from teenage girls who are down with OKD (Obsessive Kimpoy Disease), a chronic and highly contagious disease characterized by excessive drooling whenever Kimpoy (or in worst cases: just a picture of him) is on sight, dreaming of nothing but him on a constant and passionate basis and lastly, stalking him on every social networking sites possible. Dang! I’m almost guilty with the third one. Thank God my Tumblr account is as dead as the captain of Titanic. Sheeze!

Kimpoy has 263,957 Twitter followers + 143,707 Facebook subscribers (Tumblr followers, I don't know) = you-do-the-fuckin’-Math. (Sorry, I really suck in Math. It’s like Cantonese to me, I don’t understand a thing. Oh boy, you didn't have to know that.) 407,664, thanks calculator! See? No typo error there, it’s really 407,664. That’s more people than the entire population of Andorra, Kiribati and Virgin Islands combined. Yeah, he’s that influential. He’s like the new Superman. If the Thais have Mario, we have Kimpoy. It’s a no brainer.

Moving on, I first heard about him on Shoooooowtimeeeeee! *imitating Anne’s voice* then searched him up. I saw few videos of him which mostly consisted of, well, the stuffs that he can do (and unfortunately, these are the same stuffs that I can’t do but I’m not being bitter or anything) – singing, dancing and cute display of his pick-up lines. There are, however, pick-up lines that are more miss than hit – in Vice Ganda’s term, waley. But it doesn’t make him less awesome. Funny, weirdly charming and has a good sense of humor, no wonder Kimpoy captured every girl’s (and some guy’s too!) fancy.

Kimpoy is quite the ladies’ man. He’s in every girl’s dream. No, not really, not in my girlfriend’s. But I’m not really sure of that (lol!). And every guy’s subject of envy. Except me, duh! Hahaha. I’m not being tsismoso here but he is being linked to the girl who threatens to out-awesome my girlfriend Ann Li. I’ll admit that I’m one of those who waits with anticipation if his love story with Ann does progress from “getting-to-know-each-other-through-skype” into “you-and-me-together-forever”. When that happens, I’m pretty sure that hundreds of girls will try to commit suicide. Not that I want it to happen ‘cos first and foremost, I don’t know why I had to say any of that.

Moving on, yet again, when he announced that he’ll be home for Christmas, his girl fans went hysterics and the news spread like AH1N1 virus. I even heard that a “Hero’s Welcome” is being set. No, no, I’m just kidding. But, one can only think, with a fan base as huge as that, it’s not impossible.

To: The Guy Who Threatens to Out-Awesome Me Kimpoy

You are a living proof that while a star isn't born every minute, a star could be tweeted at a faster rate. Happy 19th birthday!

From: The Guy Who Is More Awesome Than You Hoobert the Awesome

Bow down mortals, the throne has been filled. It’s good to be the king.

Hit him on Twitter (@kimpoyfeliciano) but hit me more (@hoobtheawesome).

(Got the photo from his fan page. Thanks!)


Hoobert the Awesome said...


Hahaha. Di naman halatang idol ko siya 'no? Konti lang.

Anonymous said...

ang dami naman niyang followers, kong gnun hnd na ako makikisali.. hahaha

Hoobert the Awesome said...

Hahaha. Yeah. Siya na ang madaming followers Mommy Raz. Lol.

Hey sbeen a while. I miss you and your blog. Bisita ako mamaya. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I'm not really a fan of Kimpoy. Hehe.. Hmm.. Though daming nakikilig sa mga banat lines nya, di ako kinikilig sa kanya. Haha! Siguro kasi ambata pa nya.. Bagay sa mga tinedyers. :P

Pero tama.. dami nyang fans.. both on Twitter and Facebook.

kg said...

That’s more people than the entire population of Andorra, Kiribati and Virgin Islands combined. -- hahaha! this had me laughing!

pinoy ba sya?

glentot said...

Ahh so what is he famous for? Famous for being famous ba? Haha I have never heard of him, wala kasi akong TV LOL.

Sey said...

Galing yata ako ng Mars kasi hindi ko siya kilala. Check ko later.

Hiyono said...

I didn't even know who he was until I read this blog. Meh. Mabaho rin tae nyan. HAHA. I've stopped fangirling since I hit my twenty's. Golly. :3 I see a love-hate relationship ensuing here. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

SHOCK LANG PO---nagulat lang ako ganito pala sya kasikat? narinig ko lang sya sa ofismate ko. sabi ng katabi ko.boyfriend daw nya dadating at pagkakita ko sa pic yan nga pipao daw. (badinG?) hmmmm nagulat lang ako.

Anna Marie Ramos said...

Napaka Humble ni Kimpoy .. Sya lang ata ung sikat na pinapansin ang mga followers nya. :)

jonah ruth tonido said...

i like him.. he's so humble.. sana mapansin niya rn aq.. haha.. he's my deam guy..