A Letter To An Ex-Girlfriend

Dear Ex-Girlfriend, 

I am not really sure if you’d be able to read this but whatever. This will be my last letter to you. This is a closure to everything – no inhibitions, no future hopes and promises, nothing else but closure.

It’s already been five months since that heartbreaking night. But you broke my heart a couple of times before that and many times after that. When you told me that we can’t be together and that we’re better off as friends, I knew right there and then that I had to let you go, but I still hanged a little bit, right? I have been holding on because I still love you and I kept holding on to the idea of you and I together forever. I always wanted you to love me and to continue to love me even if we’re no longer together. So I admit that part, I’m selfish. 

We had those seven months. Those were the best months of my life. We had our own share of ups and downs. It was never easy between us. How can it be when we both knew our relationship wasn’t supposed to be? But for a couple caught up in a relationship that wasn’t supposed to be, we handled it pretty well. We faced issues maturely. We had arguments and discussions but we never fought - not even once. Never said hurtful words, never hated each other. We both knew when to stop. 

I will always have feelings for you. I will never stop caring. But things won’t be the same anymore. I would be lying if I say that losing you is something I can easily handle but I am finally moving on. I have told you before that I was letting you go and move on but everyone knows I didn’t. But now I will take baby steps of finally letting you go and I know that you will be happy for me. 

Babe, I am sorry if things ended the way they did. I really am. I blame myself. I still do. But I don’t regret anything. I don’t regret meeting you. I don’t regret loving you. No bitterness whatsoever. I’ll still have you in my life. I know that people are to fall in love but aren’t meant to be together forever. Well, that’s love. 

People meet for a reason. Meetings aren’t just random encounters. People meet because they’re meant to be part of each other’s journey. I may not know it now. You may not know it now. But there was a reason why we met. Our paths have crossed to teach each other a lesson and I want you to know that I learned a lot from you. 


Your ex-boyfriend who will never regret loving you


jelai said...


Awwwwwwwwwwwww... I didn't know you were the romantic type Hoobert. I'm not mocking you, okay.

I really don't know what happened between the two of you - the real score, and I think by how you wrote this girl this letter, you really love her so much. I hope she'll read this. If it's really meant for her to read this, she will. But I hope she really will. Shucks, ang gulo ko lang. Sorry for stammering.

I know I'm not in the right place to act as your Dr. Love, but you know this will pass, weeks, months, a year, but I hope not longer, this will pass. You'll find your match. That girl who'll truly appreciate you, the girl who'll be smitten by you, the girl who'll understand you and love you no matter what. She's just around the corner.

Now, a piece of advice. Let this go. Don't run in circles. Life is too short to be bitter (though I'm not saying that you are). Live, laugh and love. You'll be better soon, well I hope soonest.

You learned a lesson, and I'm sure she learned a lot from you too no matter how much she'll deny it. You're not just meant to be. There'll be that someone especially for you. Get it? So. Move on and be better for yourself babe! Hehe.


This is what I get in reading too many cheesy romantic paperbacks!

~✯*Jela*✯~ said...

Break-ups really are heart-breaking. Hard to accept yet we can never avoid those things in life.May mga bagay talaga nah hindi nanatiling permanente.

At least uv learned something from that. Someday, u will surely meet that perfect woman for u. U'll see! followed yah ;-)
hope to hear more from yah! ♥

Kura said...

"People meet because they’re meant to be part of each other’s journey" - I love this part. Na-inspire tuloy ako.. Pero ito naman ang banat ko diyan... You might be worlds apart, but when it is destined to be yours, it will find its way. Stay put. Malay mo, hindi pa ito yung time nyo.

Be proud kasi you chose to move on. Yan talaga ang pinaka-mahirap na part. Ok lang maging cry baby paminsan minsan. Mataas ang respeto ko sa mga guys na umiiyak pag nasasaktan na. Kesa sa mga nagpapanggap. I don't take it as a weakness.

You don't realize how strong you are, until being strong is the only thing you can do to keep yourself together. Aja! Aja!

iamjessiegarcia said...

i was once in your position a couple of months ago. i so feel you... it's nice to know that you've decided to move forward. it takes a lot of courage to do that...

stay happy ^^

I am Jocelle Dela Cruz said...

That was a very touching letter .. kaya mo yan ! para san pang naging AWESOME ka ?! reto pa kita eh .. hahaha ! stay AWESOME maraming chicqs ang malulungkot pag sad ka ^^ cheer up !

Allen said...

iinom mo na yan! :D

Anonymous said...

Naka naman.hehehe Ok lang yan ganyan talaga ang pag-ibig bro.

Elal Jane Lasola said...

"I know that people are to fall in love but aren’t meant to be together forever. Well, that’s love."

Bitter truth. Very nice letter you got there, Freak. :))

To Vini_wonders said...

I revoked readership to my writings from this page. I am glad that, out of all, you had a chance to see what it was like. God willing, someday somewhere, you'll read it again. Now, there is nothing to be written for you. When you write, all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. Although, love is by far the best reason to bleed. And, I shall endure. But, Darling! Did I bleed enough for you when I remained available to you for two years, even after you walked out on me, and then again arbitrarily decided to loiter on when we had parted ways? You even stopped realizing "how" you were tormenting me with a hurricane of pebbles, triggered from your suddenly being subjected to hot & cold gyrating air. Despite all, I stayed and made sure YOU are okay because I thought you must be hurt too. You obviously have a lot of unresolved issues against me and my coherent silence to your hostility has encouraged you wrongly. Don't be that someone who makes others feel horrible, with all the ostracization; it’s merely one’s head playing tricks on them. In one’s heart, one would know that those denunciations against anyone are barely its own subliminal escape from certain deep-rooted insecurities. Moreover, it comes back full circle. An apt amount of self-esteem can secure a person. Someday soon, it will all make a perfect sense to you. Rest we'll talk if ever we came face to face, given that your “go to” defence response won't be an untenable retort or a curt Fib. Well! Nevertheless, going-over all the Choices that you've made has clarified a lot to all the unexplained soundings that orbited in my mind for the longest time to what went wrong between you & me. And then, I had the ultimate laughter of all times; how terribly wrong I was for all the irrational mistakes. Besides, I think, I was the biggest mistake of your life because you see we small-towners don't know much about so many things in general. But yeah, you must be aware of that since countryside is the perfect holiday idea for you.

Thank you for your gracious stint in my life. Assurance of my trueness to you will persist beyond those four years. Although, my alliance with you will forever be somewhat fragile for the fear you struck deep into my heart is too abysmal to be dislodged. Anyhow, now this is a closure from my side. So, I'm just informing you that I'll not be as much reachable to calls because I'd be traveling at times. Since, I've taken plenty of blows (even by you) in my life so far, hence now I am pretty busy with my attempts to “rise-up” a little bit. However, you broke something inside me for never to be mended again. And, it often makes me sad. Still I had to learn to love myself as you are now an inseparable part of me. But, your taste for oblivion will take you far enough before you actually reach somewhere. And, it would be unduly hypocritical of me to meditate upon love but still hold myself from giving love affably. So, Feel free to reach as usual. I'll be right here. No worries, heaven will help my heart. Time and time again, no matter what it takes, I will prove my trueness for you. C.G. Jung said: "The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong." And, you know, the sacrifices we went through together were ordained by our destinies but then again what I doubly subsisted alone (when we were still together but you were particularly absent on me, then your walk-out and later your loitering around on me, while you chiefly/selectively disremembered the extent of my care for you as a priority, both before and after) was two-folds of the worth of that one valuable year of your life, which went futile because we were heading on different tracks.

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