A Letter to my Future Girlfriend

Dear “My-soon-to-be-girlfriend”,

It does feel weird writing to you considering that you do not exist. Or rather you exist; I am just unaware of your existence. But I’m not losing hope that someday we will finally meet. And in time, we will fall in love and write our own fairytale. I am the prince, you are the princess and of course, we will live happily ever after. Never mind if this is just wishful thinking, darling.

Please understand that I’m not perfect. I’m very far from being one. So, I hope that you will love me the way I am. I’ve had only one relationship prior to ours so don’t expect me to be smooth in any means. I’m not even romantic but I love doing cheesy stuffs. I will ask you to go out with me on a tissue paper, or if you like, I will just shout it in public, loud and clear. On our first date as a couple, allow me to bring you to my house. I will introduce you to my mom and sisters as my girlfriend. That’s the time that we know that you have me and that I have you.

I don’t know how to cook but for you I’ll try my best. I just hope that you won’t laugh at me if it get burned, turned to mush or taste like paste. But I assure you that I look handsome in an apron. I would really love to calm you down when you’re pissed. It makes me glad to see your mood lighten up, especially knowing that I am the reason behind the smiles.

Please accept the cheesy love letters I will give you not just on our monthsary or on your birthday but also on some lazy afternoon. And, I am more than happy to be your alarm clock. I will wake you up in the morning and send you to sleep at night. I will keep checking you out to know how your day went or what’s on your mind. Always remember that I am not just your lover but your best friend as well.

I don’t have a good singing voice but for you I will sing. Sorry if I am out of tune but believe me, it’s the best that I can do. I love to travel and I hope you also do. So don’t wonder if I will pack a bag and we’ll fly to Cebu to celebrate a special day. And if ever we will have a fight, there’s no need to freak out. Allow me to invite you for dinner and let’s talk it over grilled-pusit and crab rice. That’s yummy. I swear.

As of now, I don’t have a clue on how we will meet. I don’t know how long we will be together or how we will break up. I don’t know too much about love. All I know is that true love is not only loving the person you are with but loving the person you become as a result of the person you are with. I know one day I’ll find you. I know you will find me too. Just keep believing in love and destiny will bring us together.

Although I have yet to find you believe me when I say, I LOVE YOU.




poot said...

This is crap. XD

rob said...

.. it's not crap poot. you'll be glad you wrote this when you finally meet your "princess". ;)

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

awww... makeso ka nga talaga. Take it as a compliment kid. Natuwa ako sa post na to. Seryoso. Super kilig. If your soon-to-be-gf will read it, dadambahin ka na nun. Ora mismo. hahaha!

kg said...

it's a wonderful letter poOt! promise! as in!

i hope you'll fine THE ONE [although bata ka pa naman] and you have her read this letter. :)

PS...mahilig din ako mag travel, so can i hitch a trip to cebu when you celebrate a certain special something? hehe! joke!

Raymond said...

First of all, Valentines day was so over, like 5 days over, when you posted this entry. What's with the hangover? You should be sent to rehab, you know. Hahaha!

Honestly, I slightly cringed at the mushiness of your letter; but then, if I were a girl, I would go gaga for everything that you wrote. Yes, like Lady Gaga. LOL.

It was an honest-to-goodness letter that came from the depths of your heart, so this is definitely not crap. But I do hope that should the time come when you finally get to meet her, you will live up to all that you had said on your letter.

And I hope and pray that you'll get to find someone, someone who will complement, if not equal, the love that you will be showering her with.

I've yet to meet/find mine, or maybe I already did, though I haven't been dedicating lots of thought on this matter believing that there are certain things that should come first for the time being, so I haven't been making any moves as of yet.

Time will come, and I know I'll be more than ready when that one fine day comes, and I'm betting on it, so will you. I firmly believe in not rushing things and letting the universe conspire to make what you want to happen, happen--while you're dealing with the present and enjoying the life that you currently have.

Good luck with everything, Jubert! I wish you all the best. God bless! :)

red said...

nice to know you are into writing letter pa din. Parang wishlist lng 'to. Update mo kami kapag nangyari na. lucky is the gurl to be your next center of atention and love.

Robbie said...

Hahahahha panindigan mo yang mga sinulat mo ha! =))

At matching pa talaga ang background music sa post ha.

poot said...

Hi Kuya Rob!

Actually that's one of the reasons why I made this. I want her to read this. Hahaha.

I hope she do. :)))

poot said...

Ako din Ate Kura-ching kinikilig while writing the draft of this post.

Sa SLG (a place I always frequent) pa naman ako gumawa. There was this bunch of (bickering) high school girls. Ako pala pinag-uusapan. When I was about to leave, they asked for my name. Eh ayun, binigay ko ang email ko. Hahaha.

I'm just saying. XOXO

poot said...

Oh thank you for the nice words Ate Grace. Oo naman, I'll let her read this and make her realize how lucky she is to have me. Loooooool. I'm just kidding.

Anyway, kapag nag-travel tayo di siya kasama, hahaha.

poot said...

IKAW NA! Ikaw na Kuya Raymond ang mahaba mag-comment. Mas mahaba pa nga yata itong comment mo sa post ko eh. :P

Na-pressure naman ako dun sa pinagsasabi mo Kuya. Natakot tuloy akong ipabasa ito sa magiging lovey-dovey ko (lol). Hindi ko alam kung magagawa ko ito lahat. Pero bahala na, yummy naman ako. XD JK.

Pero btw, nasa Paris ka pala. & ilang months ka dyan? SIX?! Antagal tagal naman nun. :| Pero sana i-update mo kami ha. You know, sa mga travels mo. And don't forget, PASALUBONG! :)))

poot said...

Hahahaha. Tama ka dyan Kuya Red, sobrang swerte niya. Loooooool. Kaya dapat ngayon pa lang, dambahin (what does this mean?) niya na ako. XD

*dambahin- adapted from Ate Kura-ching

poot said...

Siyempre naman Kuya Robbie para may drama-effect sa part ng reader. Yung tipong sobrang mafi-feel niya na talagang galing sa kaibuturan ng aking puso ang bawat letrang isinulat ko, na matagal ko na siyang hinihintay para yakapin ang aking nanlalamig na puso.

HAHAHA. Ang korni na. Idk nga if it made sense (yung isinulat ko sa taas). :)))

Sige pa, dagdagan niyo pa ang pressure. Si Kuya Raymond kasi may kasalanan nito. Ngayon tuloy lahat ng mambabasa ay nage-expect na magagawa ko ito.

Hindi biro lang. XD

pusang kalye said...

stop writing and start looking. seek and ye shall find. don't wait. love comes to those who find it...>D:

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

naks! Ikaw na... ikaw na ang pinagkakaguluhan! hahahah!

HS days.. In fairness ang lakas ng loob ng girl para kunin ang name mo. Saludo ako.. (maharot siya kamo.) hahaha!Joke.

Reesie said...

Kumain ka ba ng isang toneladang cheese Jubibo? Haha.

Infairness to you, this is such a sweet letter. Your future gf will be very lucky to have you. Naks!

Anonymous said...

you know, i cannot wait for you to have a girlfriend and when you look back at this, you'd say, oh no, i did not say that! lol

poot said...

Hahaha Kuya Anton, ayoko nga. Gusto ko love ang maghanap sa akin. Looooool. Biro lang.

Seriously, I want destiny to do that sacred job for me para di na ako mapagod. Darating & darating yan. Di ko lang alam kung kelan at kanino pero I know it will come.

poot said...

Can you blame them Ate Kura-ching? Sa gwapo kong ito! Kaya nga wala pa akong girlfriend 'til now kasi naman ine-enjoy ko pa ang pagka-bachelor ko. Hahaha.

Biro lang. The truth is, TORPE ako. XD

poot said...

Naks naman Ate Reesie! Kaya nga isa ka sa pinaka-paborito kong blogger kasi very honest ka. Hahaha.

She's very very lucky to have me. Talo pa niya ang nanalo sa lotto niyan. She must know that she's getting a quality boyfriend. XD

poot said...

Wag naman sanang ganun Ate Princess. Hahaha. Kapag di ko 'to natupad o isa man lang sa mga ito, ako ang makikipag-break. Hahaha.

Richard said...

cheesy! may gumagapang tuloy na mga pulang langgam sa monitor ko.

btw, ang swerte naman nung girl na yan. for sure, pipila na mga girls dyan. baka maagaw mo pa gf ko. lols

matatagpuan mo rin yan kuya!


Anonymous said...

nice one! lalong maiinlove sayo ang soon-to-be-gf mo nyan..

poot said...

Ako na, ako na ang may kasalanan kung bakit nilanggam ang monitor mo! Bakit kasalanan ko bang maging sweet? Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Reading this felt weird. Because I've been writing for my future half for the last six years. No kidding. And reading your letter almost moved me to tears because it felt like a reply.

I'm sorry if this sounded a little bit off. Your letter was written very beautifully. Your future girlfriend will no doubt be happy when you find her.

poot said...

Huwaaaaat? Six years? SIX FREAKING YEARS?! That's awesome.

I LMAO when you said that this might be the reply. Baka nga. Uhm. Who knows?

I just wish you didn't chose to be anonymous. That's uncool. :)))

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

hayskul pa ako nung huli kong mapuntahan yang Hoyop-hoyopan . ka miss ang Bicol! :)

poot said...

Hey Ate Gael. Mukhang naligaw yata ang comment mo Ate. Looooooool. Pero ok lang.

Don't tell me you're also a Bicolano? :)))

haze said...

This is so sweet ♥